It’s The Drive of Your Life and You’re in Control.

Smart Cone Has Redefined The Driving Experience


Smart Cone is a user-configurable course of intelligent illuminating cones that are synchronised to respond to the precise movements of the vehicle. The cones identify and display to the driver the exact route to follow and challenges their reaction, coordination and vehicle handling skills in chasing the lights to the finish.

The system can produce a variety of courses to give the ultimate flexibility of running competitions, training sessions and automotive product demonstrations; yet critically Smart Cone allows drivers to feel the thrill and exhilaration of challenging their driving prowess in a safe and contained environment.

In addition, technical data can be generated from the system to provide accurate measurement of speed, distance travelled, time and accuracy through the gates and around the course. These inputs, via bespoke algorithms, allow Smart Cone to calculate an individual score for every driver; even accommodating for variability in type and model of vehicle and driving conditions.

Smart Cone is unique, and a world-first in the automotive industry. Undeniably exciting, Smart Cone has redefined the driving experience.